You're in a relationship with someone you love, yet you feel sad, fed up, or fearful that issues in your relationship will never be resolved. 

You love your partner and don't want to end your partnership, but you're feeling stuck with a lack of clarity on how to move forward. 

I've been there! So many times I sobbed after fighting with my husband, feeling defeated and thinking that perhaps nothing would ever change. 


I can pinpoint exactly where things are going awry and facilitate the healing that will alleviate the issues. When it comes to knowing the truth of the romantic matter, I can sense it.


With my coaching sessions, you’ll experience these healing techniques to compassionately discover whatever challenges you are going through in your relationship, transform them, and deeply connect with your partner.


With a BA in Culture, Psychology and Creativity Through A Transpersonal Lens, a coaching certification from the Institute of HeartMath, and over 13 years of study in shamanism, ecstatic dance, embodied movement, body awareness, and relationship psychology, plus the experience that comes with 11 years of committed partnership, I use my keen intuitive abilities to sense hidden emotions and thoughts that are blocking connection between partners.

After gently getting to the root of the problems, I then fold in proven communication tools and guide my clients with transformative tools that sync them up with their authentic inner wisdom. The process is deeply healing for the partnership and for each partner.


“I had a huge breakthrough with [my boyfriend] yesterday. I got super vulnerable and we connected deeply. We talked for 2 hours in the afternoon...
We both got clear on how much we love each other and how much we want to make it work...he called me twice after midnight just to tell me that he loves me.


Thank you so much for all of your work. I cannot tell you how much it has changed my life. You are a master!”


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